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Packages that use Aliased

Uses of Aliased in net.sf.jpacriteria

Subinterfaces of Aliased in net.sf.jpacriteria
 interface BasicCriteria<T extends BasicCriteria>
 interface Criteria

Classes in net.sf.jpacriteria that implement Aliased
 class BasicCriteriaImpl<T extends BasicCriteria>
 class CompiledCriteriaImpl
 class CriteriaImpl

Uses of Aliased in net.sf.jpacriteria.builder

Classes in net.sf.jpacriteria.builder that implement Aliased
 class CriteriaBuffer

Methods in net.sf.jpacriteria.builder with parameters of type Aliased
 CriteriaBuffer CriteriaBuffer.append(Aliased aliased, java.lang.Object obj)
 CriteriaBuffer CriteriaBuilder.newBuffer(Aliased aliased)

Uses of Aliased in net.sf.jpacriteria.join

Subinterfaces of Aliased in net.sf.jpacriteria.join
 interface EarlierJoin
 interface Join<T extends Join>
 interface JoinFetch
 interface LateJoin<T extends LateJoin>

Classes in net.sf.jpacriteria.join that implement Aliased
 class EarlierJoinImpl
 class JoinFetchImpl
 class JoinImpl<T extends Join>
 class LateJoinImpl<T extends LateJoin>

Uses of Aliased in net.sf.jpacriteria.order

Classes in net.sf.jpacriteria.order that implement Aliased
 class AliasedSimpleOrder

Uses of Aliased in net.sf.jpacriteria.reference

Subinterfaces of Aliased in net.sf.jpacriteria.reference
 interface Reference

Classes in net.sf.jpacriteria.reference that implement Aliased
 class ReferenceImpl

Methods in net.sf.jpacriteria.reference with parameters of type Aliased
static Reference References.reference(Aliased aliased, java.lang.String name)

Constructors in net.sf.jpacriteria.reference with parameters of type Aliased
ReferenceImpl(Aliased aliased, java.lang.String name)

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